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To view information specific to your employer, select your state then begin typing the name of your employer into the Employer Name field. When the name of your employer appears in the options area, click on its name to select it.
Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I add a new vendor to my list of providers?
As a plan sponsor, the employer must contact the fund company in question to establish an investment vehicle in which their employees would then enroll. After the product has been established contact your dedicated Compliance Specialist for further instructions.

Can I make changes to my plan document?
As part of the startup process OMNI® works with employers to customize a plan document to their specific needs, but we also recognize that further changes might be desired by our clients. If you would like to alter your plan document, please contact your dedicated Compliance Specialist for further instructions.

Will online SRA forms be sufficient in the event of an IRS audit?
Yes. When a participant completes an online SRA, the changes entered and confirmed by your employee are relayed to you directly; the fund change e-mail you receive is directly generated by the employee’s SRA request. Furthermore, OMNI® retains electronic records of each SRA (including IP addresses) that can be provided to you at a moment’s notice.

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