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Don’t wait for your plan administration to become a problem, get the protection you need today!

IRS Audit Support

With increasing and ever-changing IRS regulations, keen oversight is crucial. A failure to understand regulations and handle compliance issues properly could prove costly. In addition to providing input on any concerns you may have, OMNI maintains real-time awareness of the regulatory environment, helping to ensure that your plan is kept up to date and compliant. OMNI provides in-house legal counsel free of charge.

OMNI has extensive experience in handling IRS audits for its clients. Over the past two years, OMNI has successfully handled 13 IRS audits for school districts. OMNI assists its clients in all aspects of the audit process, including reproduction of all requested compliance information for all years in which OMNI was the TPA and for all prior years from which information is available. OMNI communicates with employees to obtain additional information as required by the IRS, and will often meet with the assigned IRS agent on-site to address any and all issues.

Transaction Processing

OMNI provides on-line forms submission and plan transaction sign-offs for ALL accounts under your plan, including distributions for retirees and separated from service (loans, hardships, withdrawals, distributions, transfers, exchanges, death or disability claims and QDROs). Our high-tech process and dedicated team of professionals minimizes turnaround time for your participants and provides you the confidence that your plan is operating in strict compliance with IRS regulations.


OMNI is not an investment provider. We do not sell or recommend investment products nor do we offer financial advice. Thus, we are free from any conflicts of interest that could potentially hinder the administration of your plan. Wiith OMNI as your TPA, you remove the tension between the competing forces of plan compliance and investment product sales.

Universal Availability

The IRS mandates that Plan Sponsors provide "meaningful notice" to all eligible participants of the opportunity to utilize a 403(b) plan. The IRS has also devoted increasing attention to ensuring that appropriate action is taken in this regard. OMNI assists clients in fulfilling their Universal Availability obligations in a number of ways, with things such as; quarterly newsletters, presentations, posters, and educational videos available on-line at


Errors and Omissions - OMNI provides and pays the full premiums for errors and omissions insurance coverage issued by a carrier authorized to provide such coverage in the State in which the services are to be performed, insuring against claims made, resulting or emanating from the Services that OMNI is providing the Employer pursuant to this agreement with a limit to $5,000,000 per claim made, $5,000,000 in aggregate.

Crime - OMNI also provides and pays the full premiums on a crime policy in the amount of $10,000,000 by a carrier licensed to issue such policies in the State in which the services are to be performed, covering OMNI's financial and distribution accounts for employee theft, forgery or alteration, and fund transfer fraud. Upon request, Employer shall be named as a Loss Payee under said policy.

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