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About Us

Since 1996, OMNI has provided all-inclusive independent third party compliance and remittance administration services for non-ERISA 403(b) and 457(b) retirement plans. With over two decades of experience, OMNI has grown to service over 3,000 plans throughout 46 states; providing the most comprehensive administration services in the industry and annually remitting $1.3 billion from approximately 342,000 contributing participants to over 250 investment providers. We process 88,000 plan transactions, 106,000 Salary Reduction Agreements and answer 108,000 participant phone calls annually; provide on-line forms submission including Salary Reduction Agreements, loan, and distribution forms, and offer financial literacy programs and investment provider management. Our client service team includes in-house legal counsel and a Certified Public Accountant. Plan administration and compliance monitoring are an essential part of sponsoring today’s 403(b)/457(b) plans. Not only are IRS regulations more complex than ever, but they demand that your plan be administered in accordance with a written plan document and that the management of both plan contributions and disbursements be monitored to ensure compliance with your plan and with IRS regulations. For more information on our services please visit the Sales page.

What Makes OMNI Different

  • Over 20 years of TPA experience, servicing nearly 3,000 plans
  • In-house legal counsel that provides full support in the event of an IRS audit
  • Full indemnification for plan administration errors
  • Plan transaction sign-offs
  • In-house call center
  • Online forms & transactions
  • Dedicated account specialists to handle any and all concerns
  • Online forms & transactions
  • Education for employees on the benefits of retirement savings
  • Multiple materials to fully satisfy the IRS regulation regarding Universal Availability