About Us


Since 1996, OMNI has provided comprehensive independent third party administration with world-class compliance, remittance and customer support services. Today, nearly 3,000 plans rely on our state-of-the-art compliance software platform as well as our comprehensive administrative services to better accommodate current, retired, and part-time participants.

OMNI remits to 250 investment providers on behalf of 340,000 participants resulting in over 1.7 billion dollars in contribution funds forwarded to investment providers annually. Our team approach allows us to handle approximately 121,000 transactions, 136,000 Salary Reduction Agreements and 172,000 calls a year. OMNI successfully handles numerous IRS audits for clients on a regular basis.

In 2021, U.S. OMNI integrated with TSA Consulting Group (TSACG) as they joined the U.S. Retirement & Benefits Partners (USRBP) family, forming US OMNI & TSACG Compliance Services. This exciting partnership allows us to offer our clients access to a broader array of compliance services, which complements the superior 403(b)/457(b) compliance and administration services our clients have relied upon for 25 years. This relationship will enable U.S. OMNI & TSACG Compliance Services to provide unique and exceptional services nationwide for all clients and their employees.


With increasing and ever-changing IRS regulations, keen oversight is crucial. A failure to understand regulation and handle compliance issues properly could prove costly. In addition to providing input on any concerns you may have, OMNI maintains real-time awareness of the regulatory environment, helping to ensure that your plan is kept up to date and compliant. OMNI provides in-house legal counsel who will take the lead in the event of an IRS audit.

Service and Support

OMNI utilizes integrated support teams to develop, protect, and manage your plan. Our services include plan document creation and customization, transaction processing, compliance monitoring, in-house call-center, online forms, submission and approvals. OMNI assigns dedicated compliance and remittance specialists specifically to your organization.


Our Financial Wellness Center serves as an educational resource providing a variety of tools to assist in learning more about retirement savings and managing personal finances. Calculators, videos, and informative content are available to help guide the retirement planning process. The Financial Wellness Center is a resource that also enables a plan sponsor to better satisfy the IRS regulation regarding Universal Availability.

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